Cheating delusions

Hi there I have been recently diagnosed with adult adhd and am recently single :-( I was a controlling/possessive boyfriend due to the cheating delusions I was having is this a common thing for people with adhd? Just to clear things up my ex never gave me a reason to think that anything was or would ever happen it was just my thought processes it was like a living hell for the two of us. Now I have been diagnosed and awaiting my coarse of treatment will this improve? My psychiatrist has put me on a dose of Ritalin 10 short acting so he can see how I react to it, took my 1st tablet about an hour ago so wish me luck haha. He also said that my wondering mind maybe taking me to the place I fear most loosing my girlfriend (ex) so now that I have a coarse of action hopefully this will clear up and I can lead a normal life 

thanks all your help is greatly appreciated 

I think this kind of anxiety

I think this kind of anxiety comes with any relationship that is suffering. People who feel a strong bond and partnership typically don't go there. Perhaps us ADHDers are more susceptible to this kind of unwarranted speculation; it is a source of stimulus. I don't let those kinds of insecurity-based thoughts take root, so they don't build into a massive paranoid tapestry. Give some thought into whether the controlling behaviour is coming from trust issues or insecurity. I expect it's the latter.

Reminding myself that I am a crazy person is helpful. For the longest time I couldn't figure out why I was so attracted to the depths of depression. It seemed ... comfortable. Now I'm thinking the engagement high we get from either intensely pleasurable moments or excessively dark moments is not all that dissimilar.  I'd work on you, do not seek to get into a relationship, and make sure you get on a solid footing before involving someone else in that journey.

1 week on

So I have discovered that my cheating delusions fell into the bracket of intrusive and unwanted thoughts. Huge relief! After a week on Ritalin they have almost completely gone except for when I try to think how I used to think. Huge weight of my shoulders... I feel focused much happier and in control of my emotions and feelings so all in all a good week so far! Why didn't I find all this out earlier my life would have been so much different! But I guess I wouldn't appreciate as much as I do right now. Also my anxiety has almost completely gone because I am happier 

finally looking forward to the future