Cheating delusions

Hi there I have been recently diagnosed with adult adhd and am recently single :-( I was a controlling/possessive boyfriend due to the cheating delusions I was having is this a common thing for people with adhd? Just to clear things up my ex never gave me a reason to think that anything was or would ever happen it was just my thought processes it was like a living hell for the two of us. Now I have been diagnosed and awaiting my coarse of treatment will this improve? My psychiatrist has put me on a dose of Ritalin 10 short acting so he can see how I react to it, took my 1st tablet about an hour ago so wish me luck haha. He also said that my wondering mind maybe taking me to the place I fear most loosing my girlfriend (ex) so now that I have a coarse of action hopefully this will clear up and I can lead a normal life 

thanks all your help is greatly appreciated