Child endangerment when in care of ADHD person

Does anyone else feel like their ADHD partner has a hard time keeping their young children safe and not needing supervision when with them?  My husband has endangered our child several times and because of him she got second degree burns on her hands when she was just a baby.  I always have to be watching him and making sure he's not doing things like leaving sharp knives out on the counter where she can reach them, etc.  I have had to step in several times over the past 4 years because he has done something dangerous that could result in her being seriously injured or worse.  He's not even able to drive with her in the vehicle because a lot of times when we are driving with him I have to say things like STOP, it's a red light, GO it's a green light because he will be breaking, or watch the road because he has seen something that is distracting him and he's veering out of the lane.  It's horribly stressful always having to be on guard when he is around so that I can make sure my child is safe.  I didn't see much when googling about people with ADHD having a hard time with caring for young children because of symptoms of the condition, so I'm just wondering if anyone else experiences these issues with their partners when it comes to driving and the children or if maybe my husband has a whole separate issue aside from ADHD going on that makes it so hard for him to be mindful and aware and able to do basic child safety practices.