Choice? or Inability?

What level of our actions are by choice vs an inability?.....How fixed is human behavior?....What purpose does emotion play (act, react) in the over all scheme of human molding?....Does it help or hurt? Is it wasted energy? Or, do you feel it's productive?? What does society and our own relationships, tell us about the ability or inability for change (not considering spiritual enlightenment) with in a human mind??

Should every thing said or done that is not sought or heard.... Stop!

Just wondering, what you think.....I think our minds, left to the human part of us, is just floundering for truth, and at best, it will always work out in a selfish model....I also think verbal communication where awareness and a desire to engage isn't in both or all parties, is dysfunctional at best...And very limited when it comes to producing agreement and understanding...

If we discipline ourselves to this end, can we avoid forming unhealthy opinions, will it limit the temptation to judge another person or speak hurtful words....Doesn't our living of life on a daily bases, (the fruit we produce) clearly state who we are, without one word being spoken?? 

What about you? What are your feelings?