Choosing a Life Partner - ADHD'er

Hello all,

Though i know this is a very subjective question, but all those couples who have had a happy relationship, what are the qualities you think would work well with someone with typical ADHD characteristics. I am going for an arrange marriage & was curious what qualities would come at the top of your head - is "Opposites Attract" especially true in case of one spouse having ADHD? or does the ADHD spouse feels things might get dull and looks for someone more like themselves.

My personal incident when I first met with the girl: I asked her what were her strengths and weaknesses :
her strengths were: I am organized! I am very patient! I am a good listener!!!

and I was like bowled over as precisely the above three are in a way my top weaknesses :)

But sometimes when I meet her I feel what if things get a bit dull later on as she is a very routine oriented person very very much opposite to me, but then I feel maybe in the long run it would work well espl those ADHD low's we all face from time to time......... and ya she is attracted by my sense of humour, energy, kindness & down to earth nature .....

Would be glad to hear from people out there and what has there experience been like!