Chores and crazy logic

Let me start off by saying that I now do all the household chores every single day otherwise they wouldn't get done and lately I am enjoying having a nice clean house.  My partner's only responsibility is his dishes and to clean up after cooking for himself (put things away, put refuse in garbage, wipe up spills etc.) and even this is only done sporadically.  Lately he's taken to flat-ironing his hair every other day (don't ask) and when he does this, he gets hair ALL OVER the bathroom floor.  I assumed that it should therefore be his responsibility to clean up after himself afterwards by vacuuming up the hair so I nicely said to him, "hey, if you vacuum the floor today I'll do all your dishes" just to be nice.  What I got in response was, "no thanks.  vacuuming the floor is a big job".  Meaning he wasn't going  to do it even though he should and even after I offered to do his dishes just to be nice.  When I gently suggested that he should be vacuuming the floor once a week now that he is doing his hair every other day and making a mess, he freaked out and started yelling at me saying that, "You can't do that to me!  You can't do that, that's not fair!  You can't give me a weekly chore just because I use the bathroom."  When I, again gently, suggested that it wasn't a chore per se, but was "cleaning up after himself" because he was making a mess in the bathroom" he told me it still wasn't fair because he'd "be cleaning up some of my 'debris' in the process of cleaning up his hair".  Well if I knew a way to separate my relatively few hairs, skin cells, and toilet paper lint from his massive hair accumulation then I would, but I think considering I do EVERYTHING ELSE around the house, cleaning up his own mess shouldn't be seen as unfair because he might 'accidentally' clean up some of my relatively tiny mess.   Crazy thinking.  Just crazy.