Christmas present ideas

I'm pretty stumped for ideas on what to get him for Christmas.  I've been sort of obsessing over getting him a smartphone (like iphone, but cheaper) but I wonder if it's just what I want for him, not what he wants. (also, it's really expensive)  If I ask him what he wants, he says he needs a winter cap or mittens (which he will lose in a few weeks anyway).

So, I've noticed some common threads in interests of the ADD dudes (say: computers) so I'm wondering what y'all are getting your ADD guy. Or what the ADD guys on here would like.


Gift Card In a box with cashmere lined gloves and hat. These are not expensive JC PENNY's usually have them on sale this time of year. My hubby went nuts for this gift and He did not lose them a FIRST.

re: gifts

My Hubby said This" GET him what he asked for. He said if I ask for something that's what I want. He said depending on your carrier EVO or MY touch. If he has a phone already, Ipod touch.

I can't post what I'm getting

I can't post what I'm getting him, afraid he comes here and reads...

...if he asks for something he gets really disappointed if I don't get what he asks I'm telling him this year not to ask for anything, I've already picked out what I'm getting him. :)

Thanks for the ideas guys

I ended up not going with the phone thing - too expensive for something he might not like.  Found some other ideas - like Sherri said I now worry that he might go on here (although I don't think he does) and see them so I guess I won't post them here.  Basically it's going to be a few smaller things that I think (at least hope) he will enjoy.