Christmas venting

This year has just been so bad.   I had my annual freakout where I started thinking about moving out, but settled for announcing that I just couldn't do it all and that I was overwhelmed and it wasn't fair.   So ADHD husband did pick up some slack, but I still had to re-clean before guests came over, and now to protests from the family while I did it (yes, you did vacuum, but you didn't make sure the vacuum picked everything up and the floor is covered with popcorn).   But then he didn't get me a Christmas gift and on Christmas morning everyone opened ALL the gifts I purchased them and I just sat there and watched. And then I had to be the holiday cruise director.   Finally, last night husband was doing the one thing I have passed on to him (taking the kids to music lessons) and it was a mess because when I added him to the emails with the music teacher, he was only replying to me and not the teacher and she had no idea we were continuing with the lessons.  

It's so much.  I'm tired of having to be involved with every detail of everything.