Comment SPAM checking from authenticated users

In reviewing the logs of the site, I noted that today some of our registered users were having their comments categorized as SPAM, and either being asked to enter a CAPTCHA code and/or having their comment banned altogether.  I just made some configuration changes to the site to eliminate any SPAM checking by those of you who have registered. My sincere apologies to those who have experienced trouble (this means you newfdogswife, amongst others).  I have you SPAM filtered comments in the database logs.  I will dig them out and post them soon.

We know those who register are real people, as we check the email address both when you first enter it (we actually look up the domain name of your email, verify it has a valid DNS entry, assure that it has a properly configured mail server, and then contact the mail server to verify the account actually exists on that server) while you are typing it in.  Then we send an email to that address, requiring you to click on a link to confirm the email address was actually yours, all before we allow you to login to the site.  Why?  We want to keep this site useful for you, which if any of the 50 or so spam emails we get a day actually got posted, you might be offended.  And yes, we don't take advertising, either.  We do this not for commercial benefit, but because we want to help those whose relationships impacted by ADHD.  Both Melissa and I know how devastating that can be, and now, how it can be avoided or fixed.  We hope that message gets out.

If there are other issues with the site, or improvements in its layout or operation, let me know by leaving a comment below.