One constant source of stress for me, that I am at a loss as to how to resolve is my husband's constant complaints about his job. I'm torn between feeling like he's surely to quit any given day and just thinking he's just 'venting' and it's not as big of a deal to him as he makes it seem to me. He constantly says things like "I am at my wits end" "I hate this place!" "I can't do this anymore" "I am about to lose my mind" and has even asked me "If I find another job, do you care if I quit this one?"

His work history has been stable but he has honestly been VERY lucky when it comes to finding jobs. He's extremely intelligent and very good in his field (I.T.). He worked from home for 9 years (3 different jobs) and then when the market crashed in 2008-2009 he ended up losing the last ditch effort job (to maintain his 6 figure income) and had to take a job locally making 50% less. I honestly thought it was a God send, since he NEEDED the stability and structure of a 9-5 job. I know he wasn't giving even 50% of what he should have been giving to his 'work at home' jobs and worried constantly that it would cost him dearly. I believe it played a role...because if he utilized his abilities to their fullest, he'd be too big of an asset for anyone to ever let him go. I feel he is more productive now, but his job is go, go, go! and that holds his 'attention'...but the 'politics' of working for local government (he is over the I.T. department for our city) isn't something he handles well. I think the majority of his "I can't take this anymore!" days are due to conflicts with other department heads or city employees...not so much the job duties themselves. He takes everything personally. If someone disagrees with a decision he makes, he has a meltdown. He won't admit it, but I know it's true. Our counselor blows it off as something he just needs to learn to 'deal with on his own' and insists I not try and help NOR should I feel bad for him..but truth of the matter is, it causes me a LOT of stress because of the constant 'threats' (to me only) to quit his job. His boss, the city manager, is amazingly patient with him...otherwise, I fear he might not still have a job.

Anyone else deal with this? Any advice?