Communicating with adhd people

I have been in a relationship with an adhd woman for 5 months, and it was the best things maybe that happen into my life. I am very succesful in what i do, i take care of my self a LOT but however we have been broken up for 6 months with my ex,  i still miss her so much. In the 5 months together we made a LOT of things together, we travelled, had some incredible experiences and have been to some amazing places. She told me that in her past she was not a very good person and that she have adhd, but i didnt care about her past and Rolf her, because i was seeing her Only for the things she was giving to me and she was really appreciating that and the fact i was the first male that shows interest about her past. At the time i was moving to another country and was a big change for me. She was always talking to come and stay with me and that i was the first person i was understanding her and that i was so deep in the way i communicate with her. We were Both around our 40 and with very good Jobs.  I didnt know a LOT about adhd and i was not informing myself as i am doing right now. However after one week that she was in my new country with me and turned back to Uk, after telling me that i was the man that she wanted to spend her life she called me and broke up with me but wanted to have me as friend in my life. I have had a LOT of experience with women in my life and i thought that friendship should not be the best choice, because i felt very frustrated emotionally and i was not understanding how a person can change her feeling in a week. She told me that she have never felt for me and was a mistake that she said to me that she loved me but i still was for her the most amazing person she ever meet. In that time that we were together helped her financially, she didnt asked me, but i wanted to show to her that i wanted to be present and started to write a book for her too (my language is not english but i am a very good writer). However i decided to stay as friend because i was thinking that she was overhelmed by something and i wanted to be at her side. But the fact that she was not responding anymore to me as before, made me frustrated becsuse i had just started my life in a new country and was completely alone. After some time, 3 weeks after the break up she asked me space and i told her, i will give it to you but i was thinking Only of her. Asked her to talk but she told me that she was not in the Mood. After 4 days she asked me for space, a reservation we hade before for summer trip to santorini came at my email and i forwarded the email to her asking her, What should we do, should we go or not, becsuse i needed to make the payment. She cancelled the reservation and blocked me. I tried to contact her but she Told me that i had disrespected her. I tried for 6 month to make a contact with her through Phone or messages but everytime i finish blocked as soon as she read what have i wrote or my voice on the phone. Never offended her Only asked to talk and writing loving words to her. Gave her 3 months without contacting after some time that i send her a LOT of gifts asking for apologise if i have done something that i have hurt her, but never took a reply. I trief to date other people too, but i am not feeling the sparkle that i had with her and the connection that i had with her. Yesterday after 3 months i tried to call her again from another number, because i am still blockd, just to talk to her and try to understand for what i disrespected her and at least not to have this kind of ending with her because i still love her and i miss her everyday but she directly blocked me and i have never felt so bad in my life. I dont understand why she blocks me everytime meanwhile i Want just to have a talk with her and try to fix something with her if we made wrong. I am very frustrated and the fact i dont know what really happened that she completely changed her feeling in one week and i dont Know what i have done to hurt her, have opened a wound Inside me. I Want Only to know if somehow i have hurt her. the last thing i Want is she to be hurted becsuse i have started to understand how frustrating adhd can be but on the other side we have feelings too and is not right to be treated like this and always finished blocked meanwhile i just try to build a communication. every person who have a similar experience csn help me with a tip. I still Want to contact her but dont Want to hurt her more.