communicating with my girlfriend

hey everyone,


i really appreciate this website a lot.


my girlfriend has adhd.  knowing that she has it helps deal with the inevitable issues surrounding it, but sometimes it is depressing and irritating to experience it, despite my knowledge that her brain has trouble allocating attention.

today, for example, we skyped for an hour (in different countries at the moment, though that ends soon).  she was really happy and excited to talk to me, it was all over her face, but still she complained of being "bored" while at the net cafe, and spent most of the time on facebook, and interrupting me when i tried to talk about something that was emotionally kind of weighty for me.  the whole hour consisted of random tangents, and her playing on facebook.   not every skype date is like this, sometimes she is more or less centered.  when we talk on the phone i have almost her full attention (and her meandering way of talking can come across as cute), but the internet provides so many distractions that she is sometimes barely present with me in the moment.  or for today at least, for the entire hour we "talked".


how do i communicate how i feel without being wrapped up in my feelings so much i act out of my hurt, anger, or irritation?

can i expect her to be able to "work on" her adhd and how it affects our communication, or do i have to just give in and learn to be accomodating entirely myself?  i'm willing to do this if her brain chemistry is unalterable and she really has no "choice" in the matter at all.

fyi she is against taking meds.

thanks everyone,