Compatibility and commonality should out weigh emotion.

People spend a lots of money after the marriage has been consummated in an effort to quote "Get along". Why not do the work prior to getting to close to another person. Which, my guess, 

drops your ability to make an educated choice by any where from 20% to 95% depending on your make up.

Since people or all different it is probably better to have an idea of what type person you match up with the best, so you goal of a workable and satisfying marriage relationship want be hindered by so many differences...

So, here is my attempt at a Compatibility Test...I think should be taken if interest is high, and before Intercourse....
1) Faith- (Do you attend worship? Where? Do you respect everyone's rights in this area?)

2) Emotional Stability- (Do I express a calm strength or am I everywhere? Victim or Accountable?)

3) Communication-  (can I listen? can I share talk time or do I dominate at most every attempt at conversation?)

4) Sexual Health- and Compatibility (Do I health issues, own baggage or have beliefs that limits me from being open as the vessel to provide my spouses Conjugal rights?)

5) Stewardship- Commitment (What are my convictions toward my Job, Bills, Debt, Spending, day to day cleaning and meals etc?)

6) Children- (Do I want them or not? Raising and Training, Enable them or teach them to work? Do I believe in Love and Admonishment? or something else?)

7) Politics- (Do I respect everyone's rights? or Do I push my beliefs on others?)

8) Self-entertainment (What are my hobbies and interests? what priority do they hold in my life?)

9) Marriage Vows- What is your commitment level to your spouse? Is there another person, interest or idol that you are aware of that will challenge your commitment to your 


10) Do you use Alcohol, Drugs, or prescription medicine- To what level and for what purpose?

11) Do you have a STD?- If yes what?

12) What are your goals in life? (Rent, Home owner, what are you hungry for what if anything drives you that hasn't already been listed?

13) Public Education level- How do you view education and what would be your goals for children you would have?

14) Honesty- This tool is useless to protect us from incompatibility and a life of misery, it's design is to identify difference's some of which would cripple a relationship. 

Not to identify who is right or wrong....Were you 100% honest with your answers?

Refusal or difficulty in completing this Test is in itself a statement.


Well what does everyone think? Changes? Good idea? Bad idea?