Conflict Over Christmas

My husband and I recently got into an argument over where to spend Christmas this year. Previously, we had agreed to go to my in-laws’ house for Thanksgiving and then stay up here, near my parents, for Christmas. I thought this was more than fair since last year we went to my in-laws for both holidays due to the fact that a family member had passed down there recently and his side of the family needed more comfort and emotional support. In 2017, we visited my parents for Christmas and he acted terribly. He was away from his mom’s good cooking and did not get the special breakfast casserole his grandma bakes on Christmas Day. After all the gifts were opened, I found him in the bedroom quietly sulking and he told me everything he got was crap. Last year, we agreed not to spend a lot on each other, but at the last moment (a day or so before Christmas) he went shopping with a friend and bought a bunch of extra gifts for me on a credit card. It was thoughtful, but also impulsive. We had a much better Christmas at his parents house because they always spoil him and walk on eggshells to get him exactly what he wants (I know, a grown man!) I know he was not used to spending Christmas away from his family in 2017 and that I could have tried harder to make things nicer for him, but I did get him a few nice gifts and I was very hurt by his behavior. It was the worst Christmas experience for me because of how he acted. My question is, what should I do about this year? Now he wants to celebrate with my family either before or after the actual holiday and be with his side on Christmas Day. His reasoning is that the food is better down there, his mom goes “all out” with decorations, and the kids will have more fun (they have cousins their own age who they would see). I think he’s being selfish and really don’t understand why he can’t think of me and realize I might want to spend a holiday with my parents and brothers as well as our family. My mom had to put my grandpa into a memory care facility this year and I know seeing her grandkids on Christmas would bring her a lot of joy. But I honestly  don’t want to relive that terrible Christmas when he threw an adult temper tantrum. What would you do? Do I just give in to keep the peace? Or tell him he needs to be more mature about this?