Confused!! Insight/opinions welcome, please

Hello, everybody!

 Long story short: I finally had enough and made extensive plans to break up with and kick out my beloved boyfriend, eta in one week. 

Last night he comes home, ON TIME, takes me out to dinner [ never happens! ] and tells me he is juuuust at the top of the hump with crazy work schedule, and later leaves me a note saying how close he is and lists the things he wants us to do together. 

fyi the big issues w/me have been his near constant all-nighters, total lack of attention to the relationship, lack of self care, and broken promises. He IS taking meds, though no other cognitive therapy. 

 I am completely confused. Is this for real? Or is he telepathic? I don't know what to believe. I am so afraid of kicking him out, wrecking his life and making a huuuuge mistake, because we do love each other. Or, is he telling me what I need to hear, and finally keeping a promise here and there? I feel like if I end this, I'm a monster, if I stay, I'm stupid. Of course I am also completely emotionally exhausted. 

 I realize nobody here is telepathic either, but any insight or opinions would be awesome. Thank you! 

rara avis