Conspiracies, Suspicions and Mistrust

I would like to know if any of your ADHD partners display thoughts and emotions which are disproportionate to reality?  This includes paranoid or conspiratorial thought processes, mistrust of Government or people or employers?

My husband was diagnosed about 18 months ago but since starting medication (Vyvanse) appears to have deteriorated in relation to the above.  He has always disliked the Government and has never had much respect for authority in general, but he now seems to get transfixed on certain things and I am starting to think there is something more, and perhaps more serious, going on.   He feels things so intensely and his emotional outbursts (always bad) seem to be even more elevated and I am starting to feel a bit unsafe given some things he is starting to say.  

I'd be interested to hear about others' experiences on this Forum?  I have been contemplating speaking to his treating psychiatrist as something is feeling very "off" to me.

Thank you.