The constant need to tell you how it "should" be done!

My husband feels the need to comment on EVERYTHING I do! I was shoveling gravel into a cart to haul to the back and although I was doing it good,  I could do it better if I went from the other side. I make a drink and it's good, but if I put the ice in first rather than last then it's better. So many things. The latest though is the video game playing. I am not a gamer AT ALL but we got the XBox1 which senses your body motion so it gets you active. We got this sports game and every single game in there he tells me how to do it better because he wins every time and then watches me try to finish and feels the need to tell me how to do it better every damn time!. He has told me again and again what I need to do. I get it! I just can't control it so that it makes the corner or slows down or whatever. He has always done this to his daughter too. She'll be having fun playing and then he comes in the room and tells her she should do it this way or whatever and she gets so fed up that she turns it off. He doesn't understand why we get so angry as he's just trying to "help" us. Yet when he goofs like when I get a better start than him he immediately goes "I don't think the console can see me because I should have started faster". Never his fault! An old neighbor stopped by a few weeks ago and he tried playing one of the car racing games. He hit nearly every single obstacle but do you think my husband told HIM how to do it right? Nope he just laughed and said good job. 30 minutes later i"m playing it and every damn corner he's telling me how to do it and then literally came up behind me and put his hands over my hands so I could get a feel for the right way.  I said "How come you didn't say a thing to the neighbor even though he's hit more stuff than I am but you have no problem telling me what to do?" He goes "Because you're my hunney bunney".  No because a guy doesn't tell another guy how to do something. Same with putting up the pop up tent. I still don't get it and get yelled at when we do it but his buddies who can't do it either just get joked around with.