Does anyone else recognise these conversations? (or similar)

HUBBY:- Lets take the grandkids out tomorrow for the day, To my favourite seaside beach,

ME: But its a 3 hours drive. Oldest Grandchild is 10 and recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes so needs to have lots of his stuff wiith him at all times.I think his Mum would worry because its so soon since he was diagnosed. Youngest one gets very tired...she's used to going to bed really early and we would be back really late. Middle one has autism. Does not like change very much, dosn't like crowds. gets impatient and dosn't sleep in the car .They ALL get car sick.

HUBBY: Nonsense, ALL kids sleep in the car, you just put them in and they sleep.

ME: I just know what their Mum has told me.

HUBBY: Oh well, if you are looking for excuses you have them all right there. No-one ever wants to go where I want to go,


Or how about?..

ME: (feeling groggy after just waking from nap on the sofa) long have I been asleep? Its getting late

HUBBY:( angrily pulling on his coat) Yes it IS late I told you I was hungry over an hour ago. I'm going to get a take away,

ME: But all you had to do was start cooking supper and then wake me

HUBBY:Well I don't do that, I'm off to buy some food,

He stomps off as if I have committed a crime.


Just one more

ME: So have you been ok while I was at the hen party weekend?

HUBBY: Alright I suppose

ME: I see that he rubbish I sorted into black bags to take to the rubbish tip is still in the hall

HUBBY: Yes, well you know me, if I'm not interested in a thing, then I won't do it. I'll do it when I'm ready.

ME: We could go tomorrow

HUBBY: I don't work like that, planning what I do. I go when I am ready.


PLEASE tell me that I am not the only one who has conversation like these. If you do, how on earth do you cope? I sometimes want to tear my hair out by the roots.