Conversations ALWAYS end in a fight

This forum has helped me maintain my sanity for years! I haven't posted in years, but I have to vent. Does anyone else experience this? A simple conversation seems to always end in a fight and here's an example:

I came home from work the other day and dh says he's been doing some yard work and pulled up some old landscaping bricks and wondered where I wanted him to put them. I said behind the garage out of sight. Then he said well I see you have others back there in some kind of pattern, do you want me to do the same. I said no it doesn't matter to me as long as they are out of sight. But he kept asking over and over and I kept giving him the same answer- it really doesn't matter as long as they are out of sight. He persisted so long that I finally got frustrated and quit answering him. He then wanted to know what was wrong and I told him that he continually beats a dead horse when it comes to communicating and it is very frustrating. I asked him why he couldn't be satisfied with the answer I gave him. He said because he didn't like my answer. And I said - and there you have it. You just explained our entire communication process. 

I just don't understand the constant push, push push in a simple conversation as "where do you want the bricks". This happens with everything that we talk about. He will go on and on and when I get frustrated with him he has no idea why. I used to say Stop, please just stop. But that would make him very angry. So now I just quit talking when he gets repetitive. That seems to confuse him.

That same night he told me that the dog crate I had in the garage was in his way. I asked him where he would like me to put it and he just kept lecturing me about how it was in his way. (Mind you it had been there for over a month). It was like he was looking for something to complain about because he was frustrated with our earlier conversation. He lectured me about that crate to the point that I was crying and hyperventilating. All he had to do was tell me his preferred place to put the crate. I am a very accommodating person. He never did tell me where he wanted me to put the crate.

He told me he keeps his communication with me to a minimum because I always get so frustrated. He doesn't see that he pushes me there. BTW, we've been married 27 years and I truly am exhausted!

3/14/2023 UPDATE: So Dh and I had a long talk about our communication skills and I brought up this brick scenario as an example. HE HAD NO RECOLLECTION OF IT!!! PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND THIS PHENOMENON!