To correct or not to correct?

I'm going to throw out a bunch of questions I've been having about situations that come up over and over again with other couples.

I would love answers from both ADHD and non-ADHD spouses.

There are clear times when my ADHD spouse says something that didn't happen the way he says. I know this is common with couples. He acknowledges this sometimes and welcomes me to correct him. But then there are times he is not okay with it and gets flooded/overwhelmed because he really remembers it differently and wants to disagree with me. For example, I could say

"I feel forgotten about when you go to get a drink, get distracted and take a long time (He could say he'll be a minute and take twenty). I need you to try and stay focused on coming back. 

He'll say "I won't get a drink ever again"

I'll correct and say "That's not what I want. What did you hear me say?"

He'll say "You don't like it when I go to get a drink"

I'll correct and say "I didn't say that, I said..." And we repeat something like this over and over.

These are literal conversations. What can I say to what he is saying? A different way to correct? Something that's not a correction? I would love ideas from both spouses!!