Could this be ADHD?

I'm not sure, but I think my husband has ADHD. He is constantly being aggressive, but in a playful/fake way. We have been married for just over a couple of years but this has been going on for a long time and seems to be getting worse. We both suffer from depression which doesn't help either of us.

He is a bit reckless and rough in general but never did anything to hurt me physically or emotionally when we first started dating.

He describes this behaviour as a sort of 'rage' that comes over him, doing things like pinning me against a wall, table, against the kitchen sink, on the bed, and getting in my face, calling me pathetic and weak (although he doesn't really mean it but he tries to act tough). He is constantly trying to grope me at every possible opportunity. He says that he's sexually frustrated and that I never give him anything, that I'm his wife and that I should want to please him, which I know is partly true but it's hard to want to do anything when he treats me like this. When I cry and tell him he's hurting me, he either says that it couldn't have hurt, or mocks me pretending to cry, saying that I'm pathetic. He hurts me all the time, not in a serious way but he'll pretend to fight me etc (I bruise and hurt easily and some women wouldn't be affected by a little punch to the arm but it does hurt me).

I know I can be a bit sensitive about things but lately I have been getting more and more stressed out. We have been having a lot of financial problems which causes stress for both of us. I know I have probably made him seem like an evil person but I know he loves me and I do still love him even though sometimes it's hard to.

Does anyone else know someone who behaves in a similar way? i have never known anyone to act like this and I really want to get help for him, and for both of us.