could this be the answer

my marriage is on the verge of devorice. My huband has ADHD and is now taken medication for four days only. Its all I can figure. We are on totally different levels I don't understand how he thinks. He tells me he wants to grow up, and I swear he tries but he don't get verry far verry fast. and with our third kid on the way I need him to be more responcible. I need help. Not another kid. He acts like a teenager. Wants to be out with his friends all the time everyday. No harm done other then all the responcbility of raiseing kids goes on me the 8mo. preg. woman. I make all the bottles, change most all dipers, give both baths most every night, makes sure there in bed at that certin time, ext. ext. He does somewhat help with the house chores.Its just not fair to me I work to and this stuff is getting old I need a helper. A Nanny/Maid.