could a marriage last with ADHD,,,, and with a non_ADHD spouse.

We are two different people....he thinks soooo different from me...we may have the same excitement to go the same places,do the same things..go on romantic vacations....but can we last?am I wasting my time trying?should I continue this relationship with him?I don't know what to do?

Everything seems wonderful at times and then at times it would change abrupt,the beautiful times we share has been the only thing that is keeping me from moving on without him..I love him!...I can't make any decisions as to what to do with him right gets harder to make up my mind every time we have wonderful times, then it would get mixed up with the terrible times....this is very very confusing..

We just came back from a wonderful 10 days vacation,,,, and boy Oh boy,it was the most romantic...wonderful time ever! we had sooo much fun....but I am thinking, that of course, it is an environmental factor,,,,and if that is the only time we could stay good for as long as the vacation last for,,,then we would always have to take vacations...does that makes sense? we have to be running from the land b/c he is only good next to the ocean.He would be the husband I would dream off only on vacations or at  sea...he has this weird reaction to the land where he would get frustrated fast and lose it.

I am concern that things will only be good as long as we keep going on vacations,that is NOT how this should be....but hey...I am willing to do that for long as it will keep hubby out of the ADHD mood....if only for a few days....

Am I going to give up?? is this worth trying for?