Could my husband have ADHD

I just got married two months ago to a wonderful man who is caring and compassionate in many ways.

But since I have met him, I have noticed he has major issues when it comes to organization. Several of his clients have also made the observation. The more I spend time with him the more I think he has major problems. First, his credit is a total mess, he has a lot of debt, he cannot organize his time nor his papers nor his receipts, he never really finishes tasks and doesn't, cannot pay any bill on time!!! Every month we pay so much additional late fees!We have the money to pay the bills but he cannot and will not even open mail. His license has been suspended due to non payment of tickets and not showing up to court

I decided I would pay all bills but I do not want to be taking on more and more of the household responsability to overcome his handicap. On top of everything, he has never been on time to any event since I have known him.

He has promised me over and over that he was going to change and take control of his life.....We have had so many fights and discussion about organization and I told him how releived and good he would feel if he just started organizing himself.....Alas, nothing is working.

On the other hand, sometimes he can over focus on a task and detail the hell out of it! (he's a designer) almost to the point where I get annoyed at the fact that he is spending so much time  on one task.

He is very calm and super relaxed and does not have trouble focusing when communicating with me or others. He does not fidget and has the ability to sit still for a very long priod of time. I do not sense that he is restless or anxious.

Could his problem be ADHD or just bad habits he formed as a child.......His mother is a hoarder.

Please help me because I love him but cannot see myself living this way for the rest of my life......