Could use some advice

As you know I moved out of the house several months ago.  We are still married and have joint property.   One of the things I've been trying to do is to get my husband to either remember to put money into his old account to pay for the automatic withdrawals for his insurance or change the payment withdrawals to his new account.  I check and more than half the time since I've been gone, I've had to put money in the old account because he hasn't done it.   I went so far as to send him the paperwork to change the payment plan.   I even offered to help him fill it out.   I have not ever asked to be reimbursed for when I cover him.   Rarely am I thanked.

So late last night I got a text saying he had put money in that account to pay for the insurance payment.  

Here's my question.   Many times he has criticized me for not giving him an "attaboy" when he does something that he is supposed to do.  My attitude is, OK, I'll say thank you but I'm not going to stage a ticker tape parade.    Goodness knows no one throws me a parade for every time I do something I'm supposed to do, much less PAY HIS INSURANCE PREMIUM FOR HIM.     So why does he think he should get all kinds of praise?   Isn't that really immature?   Should I overload him with praise just to (perhaps) change his behavior?    Does that mean I'm going to have to "flood the curcuits" every time he does something?    I thought people got over that when they were 3.      If I'm wrong please tell me.

Thank you