Couples/marriage counseling

Looking for a Boston-area marriage/couples counselor who specializes in one partner ADD, one non-ADD.  Any suggestions much appreciated.

Marriage counselor in Boston

If you are in the Boston area, I would highly recommend Dr. Hallowell (Sudbury office).  He's a great marriage counsellor, and the center also sometimes has couples groups.  Office number is 978-287-0810.  On the north shore, Walter Sherburne does marriage counselling.  Look him up on the web at



I am local to Dr Hallowell but can not afford to pay out of pocket for therapy. I am looking for resources that would be covered by insurance. The HMO provides a list of therapists, but I am not sure what questions I should be asking to screen. We have been in couples therapy for six months and the therapist is not helpful in identifying ADHD behaviors or relating relationship struggles to the untreated ADHD behaviors. Any suggestions?