Crazy thinking and blaming

Dh is going around slamming things.  I used to actually believe that I did or said or was something wrong.  Now, I am not taking it personally anymore.  If he has a problem with me, he will have to talk to me and face to face tell me what is the matter. I will stop guessing that I am to blame.  Since it has been his habit to not talk about anything except jokes and silliness, I used to try to guess what he hated about me that he was acting so rudely.  Tonight, I am going to assume something different.  I am going to assume that he is just plain frustrated.   He has been working on our toilet all day....mainly taking breaks and smoking.  I know that he cannot fix it....a 30 year old toilet. I know we need to buy a new toilet.  Since i DO know how his brain works after over 40 years of marriage....i know he is  blaming me that the toilet does not work (never mind that it is very old), he is drinking beer so that he can stop his frustration with ME.  He is blaming me somehow that the toilet does not work.....Like, maybe I flushed wrong with the handle or I should not put toilet paper into it or maybe he is thinking that I went into the tank and took out a part that was needed and now is missing.  Anyway.....he is doing anything but realizing that if he made a living wage, we could go out and buy a needed new toilet.  Which is what I will do eventually, I am sure.  Oh yes, tomorrow 15 people are coming over for Easter.  If I say anything to him right the softest, nice tones.....he will take it as an insult and stop working because I am a b.....   So I must sit mute while he tinkers on.  How would I do this if I were a strong person?  I would go in there and say, "Stop.  Here is a new one advertised at_______.  We should just buy a new one."  He would take that as an insult on his abilities and tell everyone that I am unloving and slam out the door to drink and smoke alone.