I don't know if this is an ADHD issue or what. But you all have experience that I don't have, so I'm hoping you have some advice.

my ADHD boyfriend and I just got into a fight. He seems to think its ok for couples to curse at each other. Jokingly, angrily, whatever. But if I get angry and accidentally curse at him, which I immediately regret, he's SO offended and SO hung up on it. 

Finally, I got so tired of the argument, that I gave up. I said fine. We'll do this relationship the way you think it's supposed to be. You think your experience makes you wiser in that it's ok for couples to curse at each other, fine. You think I'm the crazy one to think that it's not ok. Then we will curse at each other and I won't get upset at you and you won't get upset at me.


It just drives me crazy how hypocritical he is. In our argument, he said that "it's not what someone says to someone who they claim to love". That's my exact point. 

First, am I wrong here? Am I crazy to think that it's not healthy for couples to curse at each other? That yes, it may happen, but we should make an effort not to. To choose better words. If I'm wrong, can someone please explain and help me understand?

Second, if I'm not the crazy one, how can I make him understand?

i appreciate any feedback. Thank you