Dating: We both have it! Advice plz

So, I'm slightly under 30 and she's slightly over It's EXTREMELY early in the relationship, but I'd rather know what I'm getting into before one of us is set up for heartbreak. I'm the guy, btw. We've both had bad luck with serious relationships. I'm divorces, and she broke up with a long term fiance a while back. I'm not currently diagnosed with add, but I have all the symptoms: disorganisation, I become infatuated with women easily, I have to be careful to not rant and rant about things I care about, other times when I'm having a serious conversation, i'll blink and totally forget what I was talking about. Not the sentance, but the whole conversation. Because I was never diagnosed, I never considered it a weakness or flaw- just a weird character trait. Recently, I've met an amazing woman. We met as friends and started talking/texting. She told me (jokingly I thought) I wouldn't want to date her because she's "crazy". She listed why, and it wasn't a short list: history of drugs/alcohol, attempted suicide, way oversensitive, fragile/broken self esteem... Perhaps foolishly, I focused on the fact that I've gone through similiar things and could help her. (be her rock, etc) Anyways, my biggest problem at the moment (maybe not related to add at all :( ) is hard to explain.. Lets say me and her do something fun, we'll call it "Y" Evidently I'm not expressive enough, so she believes I didn't enjoy "Y" After going back and forth between "I liked it!" "No you didn't.", she ends up saying she feels bad and never wants to do "Y" again. Any tips? I'm not putting all the blame on her, I definately have my own problems (Like not expressing emotions, other than "I love you" so fast it's silly. I learned early on to keep the L-words to myself for a while.