A day in the life.

I enter the room he is in.

Him: “What’s up? Aren’t you going to church?”

Me: “I have been feeling nervous and anxious the past few days. I think I will stay  home.”

Him:  Watches TV again.

Me: After waiting for a response that never came or that he heard me.  “I wanted to talk on the patio but it’s really hot outside.”

Him:  After a minute of silence, “It’s 92*

Him: He gets up a walks to another room.

Me:  “I feel bad when you answer my questions with an angry one word, but nearly every day you spend hours over the fence of the neighbor lady,  leaning in, smiling and laughing with her”

Him:  "Where doe this jealousy come from? You're crazy!"

Me:  "I'm not jealous.  I'm upset and sad."

Him:  Getting up and walking away. “I’m going to make something to eat.”

Me:  After waiting a few minutes,”Do you have anything to say?”

Him:  “I’m thinking”

Me:  After a few minutes, “Are you still thinking?”

Him: After a few minutes in the kitchen, I’d been waiting for a response. “Everything I do is not good enough for you.  I washed some windows and you said you wash the frames when you wash them.You tell me everything you do better.”

Me: “You took offense because yesterday I told you I wash the frames of the windows?”  (I had also been washing windows) “How does that have anything to do with what we were talking about?” 

Him:  no answer.  Silence.   

Me:  I wait.

Him:  Walking away, “I’’m going to eat my oatmeal.  Talk later”  

That was over an hour ago.  He has been in the garage smoking his cigars.