Dealing with a ADHD spouse

My husband and I been married for 12 years. The 8 years have been very rough and not very good. We fight constantly and he blames me for his problems. He's had ADHD since he was very young. He recently went to a doctor and got medication and doesn't seem to be helping. When he loses something he goes straight to me and starts blaming me for misplacing something he put down 30 seconds early. I get tired of it. He's become very angry and has placed a lot his angry to me. I've always been a very happy person and easy going. Being around him makes me feel a lot angry and upset. I've never cried so many times in my life over hurtful things he's said to me and about my family. When we were first together we got along great and always did things together. He's in web development and he constantly on the computer talking to his buddies 24/7 instead of handing out with his family. He always on his phone and I have to bug him to just talk to him for a few mins. I can't deal with this anymore. We don't sleep together anymore since we constantly fight. He lies a lot, procrastinates about things and seems angry. I just wish we could sit down and talk but that doesn't seem to happen anymore. Any advise would help.