Husband, as usual, is out of town for the weekend for his job.  Yesterday, there was a call to our house, which the answering machine picked up, from a person at a company saying that she needs to speak to my husband about his investment in the company.  I was not aware that he has this investment.  I recently filled out college financial aid applications and thought I had complete information about our finances and apparently I didn't. 

I feel sick to my stomach.  Over the years, there have been omissions about major things like this (omissions on my husband's part). For some reason, even though I'm somewhat cynical and even though I don't trust my husband much at this point, I always feel like I've been sucker punched when I find out about another instance of deception.  Any tips for getting through the next few days until husband returns and we can talk about this?

I don't want to make the focus his deception; I want to make the focus getting the information.  I'm an honest person; I feel right now, once again, as though I've been attacked at my core.

Thank you.