In defense of men with ADD

I have ADD, so what. I provide for my wife, I hold down a good job, I am faithful, I don't abuse drugs or alcohol, there are few fathers that love their daughter more than me, but being married seems impossible. I love my wife very much, I hate marriage. My wife and I have been married for 5 years. I started being treated with meds for ADD about 7 months ago, and I swear things are worse. I hate being on meds. The fact that I need to take something to be "normal" is about the most emasculating thing I have ever gone through. The meds are not working or I wouldn't have found this site and try to get some help. Im not looking for medication advice. I have a good Doc who also has ADD and we are gonna figure it out. I know that for being married to someone like me is difficult. But I see women stay married to non-add men who treat them like crap, or are abusive, and my marriage is in trouble because I forget to take out the trash, or get distracted easily, and I'm impulsive. That doesn't make sense to me, or any other guy with ADD. I believe that my ADD is a problem. I don't think it is fair for spouses to take it personally. When my wife tells me that I make her feel that I don't love her. My response is "are you kidding me!" In the 5 years of our marriage we have seen all the problems of my ADHD. My ADD contributed to an infidelity in our marriage. We got through it and moved on. I love my wife but I feel like she is trying to make someone with no legs walk on their hands. I can and do handle my add with meds and have a lot of better days. But it is tough, I can only walk on my hands for so long. Ran out of Time will post more soon.