Delusional runaway husband

My husband left me impulsively without a moments notice, to cover up his impulsivity he fabricated the split was amicable. It's so hard to get even the closest friends and family to understand and give support, unless someone has lived with a person with ADHD it so hard to relate. I accommodated him so much because his solution to problems is to threaten divorce and pack his bags and run. My husband is ADD not hyperactive so he comes across so passive, pleasant and patient. He doesn't even have to explain himself people just assume I'm the problem and reassure him that his completely fine. Although he has been diagnosed with it, people around him are enabling his behaviour by valididating his feelings that it's me gaslighting him and his ADD must be minor because they don't notice it. It's heartbreaking and isolating. Has anyone here had their ADD partners fabricate events of abuse which haven't actually taken place?