Is this my husband or is it ADHD?  My husband has a way of twisting situations in his head so things are perfect.  Sometimes I wonder if he's being manipulative, but I really think he's just delusional.

For example, at our kid's school, once a month parents come in before school starts and get to see what the kids are working on.  Like an open house. 

Well, we forgot again today.  I was moaning a little that we screwed up and he said "at least we made it to every other one this year."  We only made it to one. 

I told him that and he seemed confused "We only went to one this whole year?" 

How can you not know that? 

I used that example because it wasn't so emotionally charged, but every job, no matter how good or bad is amazing and he's on a great career path.  Every stretch of unemployment is "something will happen soon."  If someone says they have a problem with something, they are "just looking for attention."  If you aren't totally blunt with him, he decides you are saying what he wants to hear and even when you are he sometimes says things like "you didn't really mean that." 

What is this?