In denial

I'm pretty sure that my husband is showing ADHD symptoms, but he doesn't think so.

I've tried giving him examples and all he says is that " he's special " then tries to laugh it off. And will say he's not ADHD.

How do i get him to realize what he does is affecting our relationship, I don't want us to split up, we've only been married 18 months, but as it stands at the moment, because life has become difficult and I'm also going through some hormone changes being Peri-menopausal, he blames a lot of the way we feel on me, and i don't know how much i can cope with this.

I said that i would get help which i have, but he's stuck in denial and hasn't even considered changing or doing anything to work out why he is the way he is.

He won't read any info I give him, he struggles. He won't watch videos for long particularly at night, because he gets bored and falls asleep. We can't have too long/serious conversations because again he gets bored and stops listening, 

Please help! x