Denial from my adhd ex-wife

My ex-wife showed almost everyone of the classic Adhd symptoms in adult women. Always misplacing things, house a mess, clothes in piles, money randomly placed around house, empty cigarette cartons in different of clothes drawers,curling irons left on consistantly. I could go on & on regarding her symptoms. After doing lots of research on this subject, i finally realized what our issues were caused from in our marriage of 8 years. We were madly in love the first couple of years. Then after having 2 children starting 1 year after our marriage things started to change. My - ex would always say to me that she just couldn't keep up. I began to carry a lot more of the household chores & so on. I began to resent her laying around so much especially on weekends saying that she cleaned the house all day but would never do the cleaning. Problems worsened & it just seemed that we just couldn't communicate. I never brought up these issues to her & as i look back i should of. I just thought i needed to suck it up and be the best non- complaining husband i could be. After our divorce just 4 months ago i still feel there is hope for us to get back together again. I love her so much still & i feel she really cares for me also. We still call each other babe & honey on some occasions. Now my 7 year old son has been diagnosed with inattentive add. My ex-wife is still in denial after my sons diagnosis. I haven't pressed her at all regarding seeing a Dr. I think if she gets a diagnosis it would turn her life around. She is such a loving person & means so well. Any input on what i could do are should do if anything ?