I've spent the last week in bed.  I'm beginning to feel ADD is catching.  I have no energy left to help myself or my husband.  And no motivation at all.  The house is a mess, of course, so I get up for half and hour at a time to try to clean up, put things away etc.  Marriage counselling is useless if not harmful; she tries to make him feel guilty as a "motivater" to make him more responsible, even thought I've said that it doesn't work that way.  No anger left, just indifference.  At 70, I'm too old to start over.  Don't know what to do. 

Don't know what to offer other than a big HUG!

Soo sorry that you are feeling so down right now.  I have read many ADD mates say that they feel they eventually 'catch' some of the symptoms.  I haven't had that experience yet and lets all pray I don't.......I can't imagine how that would go over :)

Sometimes you just need to relax and take care of yourself and come back to the fight when you are 100%.  It does sound like discouragement or possibly depression.  Any chance you can talk to a doctor for yourself?  Also possibly for future consider a different marriage counselor, but for now just take care of yoruself!!


This board is full of people who have resorted to counseling and even anti-depressants for themselves to deal with the horrible situation of living with someone with ADD, particularly untreated ADD. Doctors tried that with me.