Depression & Low-self esteem

Being alone even though you're together.  Having a partner but having to do the lion's share.

Being on the receiving end of bursts of temper that you remember, but he doesn't.

Being blamed in an instant for everything...everything. 

Being the dumping ground for all of his negative experiences.  Not even being asked how your day was.  He feels better, you feel worse.

Feeling guilty about intimacy issues, but it's because you feel like a parent to him.

Feeling like you're going crazy or suffering from dementia because the way you remember things always seems to be wrong.

In the end, being left for someone new and exciting because he says "you make me feel bad about myself," and "why did you push me away?" and "nothing I do ever makes you happy."


Anyone else out there dealing with crushing low-self esteem and depression from living in an untreated ADHD relationship?  Any tips to feeling better and rediscovering yourself?