Desire and the non ADHD spouse

I'm married to an undiagnosed ADHD. I lost all desire for him long ago. Probably after the 5th new car, quad or boat purchase. Has anyone else lost all desire for their ADHD spouse? He seems to not have the capacity to understand. 

Most definately

After years of forgetting, and disconnect, and infidelity and skirt chasing, and lies and stories and being completely uninvolved, and me having to Mother him and monitor every movement he made... he still could NOT understand why, come bedtime, I wasn't all over him and eagerly accepting his advances (which to me, at that point was PAWING)

They don't see it, understand it and they sure don't accept it.  They did it to us.  Sadly, I survived quite awhile with no intimacy.  I just couldn't let him use me like that.

When he started to finally give a shit and seek help and take medication and really put 100% into US, I turned it all back on again.  I was the initiator.  I had a good time and enjoyed it just like back in the old days.  That lasted a few months.  Then he started forgetting, saying things before thinking, agitating me just like before the meds.  BEGGED him to go back to Psych, talk to me, work on this and not just let it all fade away, after we had come so far.  He hasn't tried to speak with me and definately hasn't touched me in several weeks.  Guess I know where I where....I feel like I never did.

I understand you Rosered, I really do.