DH always complaining

Here's one more question for everyone. Do your ADHD spouses always complain like my husband does? The complaints can be about ANYTHING, but usually they are about people/family members and how we all drive him crazy. Sometimes I don't think he's happy unless he is complaining about someone else, whether it's in the family or at a job.  He doesn't try to practice saying GOOD things that would help him "feel" better in the long run. He is ALWAYS complaining about us to other people, which later on usually gets back to me, but it makes me feel AWFUL. My DH is one of the ones who won't work his ADHD, (so this question isn't geared towards all you who actively work on and embrace the ADHD........I admire you guys, in fact) I don't complain about him, in fact, this is the only place I vent my issues. I've usually tried to uplift him in other people's eyes, mainly because I have had to run interference because of something he's done that offended other people. Also, I am the one who has to listen to the rants and raves of his complaints. I HATE BEING A SOUNDING BOARD.