DH comes home tomorrow after being out of town for 6 days

My DH (ADHD spouse) has been out of town since Weds night.  I am a SAHM so I do appreciate him being the breadwinner, dealing with the boys when I ask so I can have a break, and things like that. But I must admit, it has been VERY nice to have a break from the crazy-train. No parenting inconsistencies, no broken promises, no communication roadblocks, no judgement (oh, he judges my parenting so much!), no one cramping my style so to speak. It's been very calm and enjoyable. The boys have been wonderful, especially my 8 yo. We have (had?) kind of a rocky relationship going the past few months, but he has been GREAT while DH has been gone. He's been respectful, affectionate, helpful. It's been very encouraging.

DH has called but I haven't really wanted to talk to him. He told me and texted that he misses me, but honestly I do not miss him.

He comes home tomorrow so I'm bracing for impact. Should I be honest and tell him that I enjoyed the break? I know he's going to ask how we were while he was gone--do I tell him things were better without him here? If I tell him bluntly he will explode and it will be come a huge issue.  But this could be an opportunity for a frank and honest discussion. 

It sure has been eye opening....

~ deb