DH never wants to go to anything I want to, but gets upset becasue I don't want to go to his race weekend.

My husband had his first motorcycle race of the season this weekend. Let me preface this by saying I have gone to every one of the races he's gone to except one other one and that was only because it was pouring rain all weekend. He always says I don't HAVE to go with him and if that was the case I may go to one race and let him go alone to the others. The races are all day Sat and Sun and he likes to go Friday evening and get set up so we don't have to leave at 5AM on Saturday morning. We don't get a hotel room and instead sleep on the floor of  his 6' x 12' motorcycle trailer on an air mattress. It's cold and there are no showers or even running water at the track. It's his thing. He is always off talking bikes with all his buddies while I sit there and read. I don't mind going for a couple of hours but hate the overnight, not to mention 2 overnights. He says he likes having me there, but I don't know why as he gets upset because I can't set the pop up tent up right with him, I don't know how to unload the trailer correctly, I don't understand what he wants me to do when he points at something because I can't hear him over the bike engine. He makes me feel like an absolute moron! I started taking chairs out of the trailer when we got there once and got berated because he needed to get the bike out before I did anything. Then I set up the chairs and he got all huffy and moved them because they were in the way. Then I sit in the truck feeling like I'm 12 years old and can't be expected to help because I can't get anything right. Yet I sit there and not do anything and he gets mad because I'm not doing anything. Sooooo do I sit there and do nothing or try and help and piss you off because I'm not doing it right?? It's a Catch-22! Then it sucks to see other couples getting along so well setting things up together and nobody getting yelled at because they aren't doing it right. Just me.

Like I said, he says I don't HAVE to go, but then tries to coerce me to come down with someone else on Saturday instead so I just have to spend one night instead of two. I don't want to go...PERIOD!  I know I will hear when he gets home tomorrow about how everyone else's wife was there cheering them on and how much fun it was and it was the first race of the season and how nice it would have been to have me there. Why? So your buddies can see just how hunky dory our marriage is? You leave me in the pits and run off to see other people and I can't find you half the time!

Lets see, I ask you to take a walk with me and you say "Have fun, I'm going to stay here and play video games". I ask you to go see a show with me and you say 'I'm not really into that, ask one of your girlfriends". I ask you to join a volleyball league with me and you say "I don't think that's something I'd be into". I ask you to volunteer with me and you say "That sounds like something that's tailored to you." You don't want to do any of my interests, but when I don't want to go to the track with you for ONE race you act all despondent and that I don't care.