DH is talking to his therpaist about ADHD tonight

When I first suggested to DH that he might have ADHD, he was very very upset.  He tried to deny it.  I sent him some things to read from here and I think he's coming around.  He has an appointment with his therapist tonight and he told me that he is going to bring it up with him.

*fingers crossed* we'll see some progress!

My husband (ADHD) is like

My husband (ADHD) is like that...refuses initially to believe what I say or an idea I might have but history has proven that it starts a ball rolling in his head and that he does more often than not come around to see my point of view, even if he doesn't agree with it. We've made a lot of progress this way..him refusing to budge at first, but eventually meeting me in the middle. I hope this is the beginning of something positive for you guys!