Good morning, I realize that this is the marriage forum, but maybe you can help or redirect me. I attended my sons’ parent teacher conferences last night and my meeting with my nine year old’s teacher has brought up (my) concerns about ADD. I am a 42 year old married (15yrs) mother of 2 sons. I’m certain that I have some of the symptoms of ADD but I think they are more or less under control. Some of my sypmptoms are lateness, disorganization, unfinished tasks and underachievement. I’ve found if I stick to a strict schedule I do pretty well. I have a very supportive husband and some good friends who focus on the positive. We’ve had concerns about my 9 year old son since kindergarten. His teacher noticed that he had trouble sitting still, fidgeting and vocalizing at inappropriate times. She basically told us that she thought that he may have an attention issue and wanted to give us a “heads up” if the issue came up later. He is a wonderful, sensitive, curious, bright and loving boy. He loves math, science and reading (and excels in these areas), but struggles with writing (organizing his thoughts and with penmanship…he receives OT). His teachers like him and his classmates like him also, but to a point. He is not hyperactive. Some of the characteristics which I think may be ADD: *Fidgets with things in his desk while teacher is talking. Hands want to be busy. *sometimes talks excessively and does not “get it” that others are disinterested or annoyed *does not finish work at school ( this term, he had an A in math, but that went down to a C because many assignments were never passed in). *His 3rd and 4th grade teachers have both commented that he “notices everything”. One said that he could imagine my son being a border control agent when he grows up because he never misses a thing…I think he notices everything, but has trouble focusing on the task at hand. I know that the first step to diagnosis would be through my son’s pediatrician, but I am hesitant to start this process. There are pamphlets and posters from Drug companies promoting certain ADHD medications and I’m concerned that medications would be pushed. At this point, I want to determine if ADD is an issue. I would like to learn about ADD and learn some parenting strategies and some strategies that could be used at school to help him focus and stay on task. If he is evaluated, I want someone who is an expert to evaluate him. I would appreciate any comments you may have. Thanks very much.