Did I do the right thing?

I told my ADHD husband tonight that I have been offered a new job and have accepted it.  I chose not to involve him at all whilst I went through the recruitment process, as I didn't want his negative opinions influencing me as I needed to be very focused in my approach with this role.  Well, I certainly made the wrong decision here.  He absolutely went ballistic and ranted for hours about all the things I have done to hurt him during our marriage.  In hindsight, I should have told him when I was interviewing but I never know what mood he'll be in on any particular day but as he came home in a great mood tonight I thought the timing was right to share my news.  For context, I should say that we are on our way to separating so the marriage isn't great but this has really rattled him.  I'm wondering if me taking this independent action has triggered RSD, or if I have just been a very unthoughtful spouse who should have been more considerate?