Did your ADHD cause your divorce?

I love this site and how poitive it is. I don't like talking about divorce but my non-adhd wife has decided to leave me. We have a 6-yo and a 3-yo girl and boy. I'm devastated. Ever since we started a family the negative parts of adhd krept in - anxiety over money, providing a good enough life for my wife and kids, insecurity of whether i was being a good enough husband and father, shame over making little mistakes. That's when i hurt my wife. When I would become overwhelmed with negative thoughts I didn't know how to communicate it to her. So she would feel lonely and shut out. After months of counseling, getting on proper meds, and learning about my (previously undiagnosed) adhd, the pain i caused my wife seems too much for her to overcome. I'm not entirely sure what I hope to gain from posting this. Maybe all I need is a virtual hug haha