Diet + Exercise? Any long term success here?

I read the PDF about how diet can affect ADHD, and WOW does it ever make sense. Good stuff this!  And it certainly confirms my thoughts about what sugar and carbohydrates do to the brain... cant argue the science...


I am working hard to manage myself, and while I am a "non" ADHD spouse in the process of letting go of my relationship, I am absolutely terrified that I might have my own symptoms of ADHD.  So while I have no diagnosis, and as far as I can tell - no one has ever said anything about me having problems, I do recognize that I can get hyper focused at work.  And I know that I am getting older and can be more forgetful.  So I am actually using some of the stuff here on this site to help with those things and make sure that I do not do the things that upset me.   I started taking the Omega 3s, and really cut back on carbs (was doing this anyway for weight management, but this really just seals the deal for me to make this a long term change).


Has anyone had any luck or experience with success by adding a strong diet and exercise with their ADHD?  I know when my husband was actually doing Crossfit and eating low carb,  taking his meds regularly and even working with life coach -  he was literally the happiest ever saw him and at his BEST ...and what a glorious site to behold... I was so proud, and so amazed at what he did.  For real, he was like a beautiful rocket about to launch into space....  I dont think there could have been anything that ever stopped him.  But I was so very wrong.  Sadly he crashed after a few months of making incredible strides because of remembering a trauma that happened to him as a child, and his daughter choosing to live with her mother (instead of HIS mother where she had been living).  He never recovered and has given up, so I have to make my own changes.  So while I did see improvement, it was short lived because he stopped.


Has anyone here been able to keep the focus on managing their diet and had success enough to keep at it?  I