Disappointing talk with husband- He is in denial

I posted earlier today describing my husband (http://www.adhdmarriage.com/content/i-hope-hell-agree-take-meds)

I gave him a printout of this page here, (http://www.helpguide.org/mental/adhd_add_adult_symptoms.htm) which enumerates some adult ADHD symptoms, and asked what he thought of it.   He says, yeah, maybe he is a little ADD but most of that is just normal stuff everyone has.  Anyway it was about a 20 minute conversation (not an argument) which mostly consisted of him using his usual defense saying he has too much to do and that "when things settle down" it will be better.  I pointed out that I had never seen things settle down for him enough in 16 years, and asked him nicely when he expected that to happen. He changed the subject.   Anyway to make a long story short, I got him to grudgingly agree that he would ask a professional about it but he still insists that whatever "touch" of ADD he has is not a problem. 

Frankly, after reading many of the posts on this forum, I think someone must have a secret hidden camera in our house and is telling all those ADD stories about him!  And it seems that every single thing that I dislike about our relationship is an ADD thing. ( THat seems like a dangerous over-generalization, but if it isn't true, I swear it is close.)   I just want the crazy train to stop. 
I think it is going to be a real uphill fight to get him to deal with this.    I'm sad because I thought he'd be more open to it.