I'm once again disappointed with my kids dad (ADD) and his reaction to our daughter wanting to play lacrosse for the summer.  In the spring, he took her to 1 or 2 games, stayed for 1, and took her to practice once a week- down the block from home. I was at every game, stopped at every practice after work and took her home. I paid for the season and made sure her uniform was purchased, paid for and clean every week. Our daughter wants to play for the summer. I asked her dad: Our daughter was asked to play summer lax league- it's mostly away games about 20 minutes Away from home I believe. I don't have anymore info than that yet. She would like to play. There's a game Thursday night and I can prob get her a ride there. I can pick her up/meet her. Are you on board? I expect to be able to get her rides often but that may not be the rule. I have not committed her yet. He wrote back: She has also been talking about soccer.  I will not commit without knowing some type of schedule.  if it will be like the other one than I am not sure.

I'm so disappointed. Our daughter is doing nothing for the summer. He won't pay for anything. He does not have a regular job to report to. We own our own business (he plays, I manage). I work full time and commute 3 hours a day. I'm just so disappointed that he does not support his kids. Although he would post on Facebook if he showed up at a game...  How do I continue to deal with the disappointment? What do I say to the kids?