Distorted Thinking

Guess I'll just lay it out.  I told Shrink hubby had ADD in 1995 or sooner --he gave meds but never ever suggested any treatment - went to counselling which was a disaster because hubby looked like a the victim of a wife who just couldn't be happy with him.   Meanwhile he was writing the great American Novel.

Fast forward - because we are running out of retirement $ which have been spent on his projects -- am insisting we go through this training.


He says:

You changed about 2 years ago

You're just unhappy with yourself

You'll never be satisfied with what I do, I'm doing more, I'm taking meds and now you're making me listen to this

You have to stop reading spiritual stuff : it's not working ( means I am asking him to take responsibility)

You are ruining this marriage

Meanwhile I am asked to Make him famous - dedicate all my time to promoting his products- do all the social media , SEO , and PR For HIM

meanwhile -- he's miffed because -- I don't  follow all his directions ( get me on the Late night show ) He gives me these broad stroke directions that have no clear "to do" in them such as "Make more money" 

He won't so much as : click accept on linkedin , look up a phone number ( that's your job as my pr person) check his phone messages - 

Wow .. I am exhausted - because -- SEO is Very complicated - so is PR.


Help me please.